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We were actually thinking a lot, my wife and I, of going for an investment property anyway. It just happened at the right time, it was something that we were discussing and then they suggested that we talk to someone about it.

The sort of homework that they put into the areas that they were suggesting, straight away made us feel at ease. From there, we started feeling more confident and did a bit of homework ourselves after talking to him and it just seemed like the right thing to do.

When we did our own homework and had a look we saw that it suited us perfectly and we pursued it at the right time, that’s for sure.


We gave Jonathan a call and said that we had some ideas and asked what would he recommend? He came and saw us and we had a bit of a chat with him. It was an informal chat, he got a feel of what we were doing, what we were looking for and over a couple of weeks he had some options out that he thought would be suitable for us and we have just finished finalising the purchase of our first investment property.

We really wanted more of a securer position for our family, for our future. So our next step was to go and purchase property but to do it by yourself is actually quite daunting. We figured if we’re going to get into it any way we might as well get together with someone who knows what they are doing.


Being a small business owner, I understand the importance of investing the right things and I know that the property market is a great avenue to invest in. Originally, I spoke to my wife about the idea of investing in property, which she was actually quite reluctant to at first, which is why we decided to seek outside help.

When I originally first started looking at areas, I only went to the properties or areas that I knew about but I ended up buying a property right outside my known areas. The guidance I was given was to look outside into a particular pocket that I hadn’t looked into before because of its high value and high rental income. After going through the process now, and being involved with it I know it’s a super in-depth process and it’s something I’m glad I sought help with.

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